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This spectacular land on the slopes of the Kasteelberg Mountain was discovered and named by Pieter van Meerhof, a Danish explorer, soldier and surgeon of the Dutch East India Company.

Meerhof’s proud tradition of winemaking began in 1751. Combining the unique terroir and perfect viticulture of the Coastal Region, coupled with both traditional and modern vinification techniques, has established Meerhof’s reputation of producing classical wines of distinction.

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Why visit us?

Come and visit us at Meerhof Wines, we are open weekdays until 5pm and Saturdays until 1pm.

Join us for a Wine Tasting, a few snacks and some cold drinks or have a meal at our Krotoa restaurant.

Bring the kids and relax on the grass seating area in summer with the most beautiful view.


Krotoa Restaurant bookings:  083 448 5924

“Whomever said diamonds are a girls best friend, never drank wine” 

Audrey H.

“A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world.”

-Louis Pasteur

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Meerhof Wines